Winter Relief Campaign

As a result of the torrential rain that hit the North-Syrian region, many floods hit the camps and forced displacement, affecting more than 6500 families directly and indirectly. Syrian refugees are suffering. The winter weather is hitting them hard with biting cold.

Swasia is raising money to help relieve the suffering of the civilians in northern Syria during winter.  Swasia’s campaign will provide them with blankets, clothes, socks, food, fuel and more to ease their pain.

Let’s share our warmth with them. It is our responsibility to help our sisters and brothers.

Swasia’s campaign goal for 2019 is to raise $100,000 to help 200 families inside Syria for the whole winter.
The cost per family is $500 to provide them with the winter kit which includes a heating stove with accessories and a heating fuel covering five months.

We are very thankful, and we are hoping that we can count on you to help with the tough circumstances our beloved brothers and sisters are facing. They need our continued support to have a chance to live the kind of life worth living.