Letter from our Director

Dear Donor:

For over a year we have been witnessing a catastrophic political violence unfolding in Syria, unfortunately millions of people have been victimized throughout the Syrian land, thousands have been pushed to flee the violence to neighboring countries, thousands of children were orphaned, and thousands of those who were able to stay in their homes were pushed deeper into poverty, millions of people have seen their lives changed overnightpresenting a huge yet unique challenges to the world who have been paying little attention to them. At Swasia Charity Foundation we see these challenges as unique opportunities to make a difference in those people’s life and help them to get right back on their feet.

Although the challenges we are facing are much greater than any one might have expected, we vow to make every effort to strive for a great success in bringing food, medicine, and emergency humanitarian supplies to the neediest.

we would like to inform our donors that our 100 percent volunteer workforce enables us to pass more of the donation dollars we collect to where they are intended to be, the hands of the people who need them most. also we would like to assure everyone that we are 100 percent committed to providing our humanitarian relief effort efficiently, reliably and dependably.

On behalf of Swasia’s extended family, Board of directors, Volunteers, Partners and more importantly Swasia’s Beneficiaries, I would like tothank our donors whose support is vital in providing the humanitarian’s aid we strive for. we are so grateful that our family is growing bigger and stronger day after day, helping those who are blessed extend their hands to those who are less fortunate.

Best regards,

Dr. Mazen Tinawi

Swasia Charity Foundation
Tel: (973) 546-1528
Fax: (973) 340-3330

E-mail: m.tinawi@swasia.org
Website: www.swasia.org